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I qualified for the second round by 2 votes! So I am not exaggerating when I state, "EVERY VOTE MATTERED!"
Every vote we scrapped up lead to our victory in round one.
I thank you all for your support!
ROUND 2 votes start Friday.
My topic is Saturday A.M. So I am going to have to catch up on my readin, but I have some awesome ideas!
It is going to be a long month with weeks of voting. So please make sure to take a few minutes out of your Friday to vote for my entry. If you don't like what I make for this week just follow your heart.
I ask all you art loving people who follow me on this page to please follow me as we fight for victory!
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I just want to post this before I forget. It's the second video in my art influence video series. 

I am taking part in the Saturday AM March Madness Fan Art Contest.…
I am really going to need all of your support and votes.
I don't have a big following with my art, but I will try my best to win this contest.
i have to do a fan art contest with characters from Television shows. I can be either a live action show or animated from any era of television.
I am leaning towards a, "Stranger Things" X "Gravity Falls" picture.I noticed those shows are popular, and they both feature kids.

I have until Thursday to get the image done. So my planning time is slim. 
If you have any shows that you think are popular enough to get me some votes let me know.

I still have a commision to finish. :( My brother is going to let me use his tablet PC for art. Mine broke from around the clock use. Since he has a laptop, he doesn't use his tablet PC I can use it.
So I should be able to do photoshop art anywhere, anytime, of anything? ;)

I am going to finish up this Street Fighter X Darkstalkers art while I watch WWE Monday Night RAW.  It should be posted in a few hours.
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I posted a new video on my youtube channel, AlphaProto.

It's an art influence video. I filmed this back in November and just got around to editing it. I plan on making some more.
I am going to be on rendering my comic pages. I plan on doing that for about an hour.
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It is almost done. I have been working on it and I have all the original 17 pages drawn, inked, and color flatted. After discussing what we had so far with the writer and co-creator, we decided to add 2 more pages to help the flow of the story. So I have a mini break between now and the time he gets me the script for those pages.

In other news I am helping with the animation of a very promising game. Very cool people on the crew. I am happy to be helping them out.

I am also working on some commissions. I hope to get those done by next Monday.

I am also taking improve acting classes every Thursday in Dallas. The drive is scary, but the classes, and other students are fun. I want to be a voice actor, but I wasn't able to get hired to a talent agency. So I am going to keep taking classes, and audition for some short films. Even if it is just an extra part I can pad out my resume. That should get me some respect.

I am editing a series of videos I filmed in October, or November. They are artistic influence chart videos. Just me talking about all the things that influenced my art style, and taste. I am making sure to include lots of pictures, and music. I will post them on youtube when they are done. I will make sure to add a link to them in my gallery.
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Well Dinovember was lame. I didn't get a lot of dino art done. I just wasn't feeling it. I only like a few dinosaurs so after the first few I just lost intrest.

Like the title says I will make game sprites for just $8 each. I had them for $15, because it usually takes me an hour to make one. With the experience I have making them I figured $15 an hour is a good price. I must have figured wrong, because no one is asking me for sprites. The only time I got sprite commissions was this time last year when I dropped my sprites to $8 each. So from now on my CPS2 style sprites will be $8 each

I am still not done with my comic. I am 2 months behind on it. I am still having trouble laying out these pages. I should probably go to the writer to help me out, but I really want to figure this out on my own. If I want to be a pro comic artist I have to know how to interpret the script the best way possible. While I haven't been able to get the pages planned out I have started laying flats for the pages I have gotten done. 

Something I really want to do is animate something in Toon Boom Harmony. The problem is I can't get the sound file to play in the program so I can animate to it. After doing some searching online it seems to be a common problem with the program. Most people just have to instal quick time and it works. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several version of quicktime trying to get it to work and so far nothing has worked. I have even uninstalled Toon Boom, and reinstalled it, but no luck. I really want to make this cartoon. I think it would get a lot of eyes my direction. It frustrates me that I have this great program and it is useless to me.
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Starting October the first I will be posting a video of me inking every day of October.
Some drawings are bound to be better than others.
If you are interesting in seeing my inking please go to my youtube channel .…
I have never done anything so ambitious on youtube. I hope it gets me some kind of positive attention.

Also I hope to get my comic book done this month. I have 09 pages inked so far. I just need to draw and ink 7 more. Then I can move on to color and deciding on a cover.
I  am behind schedule with my comic. I wanted all the pages drawn and inked by October first so I could concentrate on coloring. I still hope I can get all the art done by the tenth of this month. Then send it off to get lettered, and hope that doesn't take too long. After that it is off to, and possible a limited print run to sell at conventions. I may  use a printed book as a sample of my work. 

I dont know what I will do for the cover. If I have the funds I will have someone with a better vision read the book and commission them to make a cover for me.

I am going to a convention named, Retro Palooza Saturday, and Sunday. I hope to have a good time. If see me say hello, and I will give you a bizzness card.
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So my plan was to get 5 top quality comic page samples ready for my portfolio so I could take them to Wizard World Austin to get reviewed by comic publishers to see if they would hire me. 

To save money I decided to just go to the convention one day ,get my pages reviewed, and head back home. I was headed to the convention on the 23rd so I sent an e-mail on the 9th about how comic book submissions would be handled.

Yesterday  on the 19th I got an e-mail saying , "Unfortunately at this time we do not have any portfolio reviews due to a scheduling conflict and they were no longer able to attend the event. "

So while the Howard the Duck X Deadpool stuff has been fun, it was not necessary. Since I want to have my book fully inked and penciled by October 10th, this really cut into it's production. I hope to get the book done, and on Comixology in time for  the week of Holloween.

So for now I am going to get back to drawing my comic, and trying to fit my commissions in. I am sorry for everyone who is waiting for their stuff to get made. I hope to have it done soon.
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I am getting pretty good at posting a video a week. I have no idea how I will do a video a day in October.

You can watch me do commentary of me spriting Sonic's Knuckles in this video on youtube.…
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I have working hard on my comics. I am up to page 8 of 17 with a book called Night Terrors.
I also started a script for a video game I would like to make. Right now I am planing to make it into a comic to gauge interest. 
Another thing I am in the process of doing is making 10 comic strips to submit to my local newspaper to see if they will pay for me to make them.
If not I will use them as a head start on some web comics.

This post is to let everyone know about my newest video on youtube.…

It is a video of me making the first of many Sonic the Hedgehog inspired sprites for infexiouz-visionz.deviantart.c…
In the video I talk about my history with the character, and how I made it.

I don't get a lot of views so I just wanted to use this journal to cross promote. 
If you like looking at my art I hope you also like watching me make it. :D
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I was just watching one of his customizing videos this morning. At the end he said he didn't like making the videos, but if you wanted to see more to make a comment. It's a real bummer I will not get to see any new videos from him. He died in his sleep. My thoughts go out to his family.
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Hey, everyone! I have been really busy! Trying a lot of things and seeing what sticks.
I have gotten back to making my youtube videos. I have have another one auto post on Saturday.
I am going to try to have at least one video a week up. Most will be speed videos of me working on things.…

I was just letting everyone know that I am 1 subscriber away from having 100 subscribers! I was stuck at 87 for the last year, and now I am at 99. So it would be rad if took the time to subscribe to my channel.

It is pretty much the stuff I end up posting on here, but me in the process of making the art. So if you wonder how I made something please subscribe. I will even take requests now and again.
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I put in my two week notice at my deli job and plan to pursue art for a living!
I am not going to go into details, but my day job is stressing me out. It made me hate waking up, because I knew I had to go there.
I hope to make a few comics with a friend of mine. I also want to submit a comic idea to Antarctic Press and see what they think of it.
I rented out an office and hope to get a lot of work done there. I am applying for other day jobs, I hope to get a lot done before I get hired again.

I have also adjusted the prices of my commissions. They are a lot closer to convention prices.

I have spent my entire life trying to get work as an artist. It would break my heart if all my years of school, and study were for nothing.
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I hoped was just an angle. 
I didn't want to get worked. 
Now I need to get a new avatar. :(
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New year is off to a good start.
I am going to have a stream of me making a Miles "Tails" Prower 
You can watch me 
 here. or…
I will stream from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Central
Or until the sprites are done.
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New year is off to a good start.
I am going to have a stream of me making a Miles "Tails" Prower 
You can watch me 
 here.    or…
I will stream from 6;30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. Central
Or until the sprite is done.

I hope to my comic drawn and published this year. I also hope to get a table at a convention to try and sell the paper copies.
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I am giving this a try.
I lowered the prices of my bust drawings and sprites.
They will stay like this until the start of January.
I see people do something with slots. So I will have 5 slots for commissions.
First come first serve. I will try to have them all done no later than January the 5th.
Send me a note and we can go from there.

1. Taken
2. Taken
3. Taken
4. Taken
5. [Slot]
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I am trying to draw a comic up, but I needed something to keep me a bit occupied. So I typed in year "#### films" into bing and choose what movies were my favorite or impacted me the most as a artist/person. This is just my personal list of movies that left an impact on me. There are a lot of ties, but I narrowed it down to the things I quote the most, and remember the most. I did not choose movies that I did not watch even if they were better films. If I havent seen it I didn't choose it. Some of these years were awesome like 1987, 1993, and years like 2009 were just bad for me and movies.

Mad Max: fury Road

Guardians of the Galaxy

Pacific Rim

Marvel's Avengers

X-Men First Class

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

X-Men Wolverine Orgins



Casino Royal

Kung Fu Hustle

The Incredibles

X-Men 2


Rush Hour 2


The Matrix


Men in Black

Police Story 4: First Strike

Rumble in the Brox

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Jurassic Park

My Cousin Vinny 

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Die Hard



Back to the Future

Indiana Jones and the temple of doom

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
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Deadpool was full on villain for a while.

1991 in New Mutants#98 where he and Domino debuted. That was not the real Domino.

In 1992's  issue #11 of X-Force Deadpool walks into a room and starts beating on what looks like Domino. It is revealed that is Deadpool's girlfriend Vanessa taking the appearance of Domino.

 That same year in X-Force #15 it is revealed that Deadpool has had Domino chained to the wall of a dungeon, and apparently being tortured.

 In 1994's Wolverine #88 Vanessa has moved on with her life and is dating Garrison Kane (Weapon-X). She is auditioning for a play, and Deadpool shows up and is trying to kill her for leaving him.

Then in 1997's  Deadpool #13 Deadpool punches his friend Weasel in the face and lifts his old blind prisoner Blind Al by the face yelling at her, " Why did you have to make me do this? Why" Then off panel you see the sound "BONG!" and see Deapool's dog  Deuce whine.

Deadpool #14 Wessel, and Blind Al are thrown into "the box". It's the cellar prison of Deadpool's house. It is a room filled with knives, and other sharp objects where he throws Blind Al anytime she tries to escape.

1999 Deadpool #27 Deadpool Shoryuken uppercut's a defenseless Kitty Pryde unprovoked knocking her out. While hilarious still the actions of a man hitting a woman unprovoked.

I just gave several instances of stalking, woman abuse, and torture that Deadpool has been involved in from 1991 to 1999. Point of the story is that Deadpool was a real A-hole for more than just his first appearance. Deadpool's story is suppose to be that of a D class super villain trying to change his life to being a hero, and the struggles he encounters along the way. 

I know my Deadpool.
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